About Us

Our Company Core Values is centered Build Machines to meet our clients' Expectations

Throughout the years of building machine for our clients, we have learned that these equipment has to be carefully design and engineered to cater to different customer needs. We are not supportive of standard machine acquisitions because it would lead to operation failures more often than not. 

Therefore understanding our clients design parameters and building the machine to meet the expectations of prevailing environmental policies, inhouse rules, union limitations is our company's core differentiation against companies.

Therefore before building, we understudy extensively on the following parameters: 

- Type of Waste the client is interested in disposal

- Revenue Driven or Environmental Driven

Environmental Analysis,

- Feasibility Studies

- Relevant Authority Testing Standards

- Compliances

- Content of Waste, deployment of Microbes

 Capacity Analysis

- Tonnage requirements, Operating Hours

- Logistics and operation Analysis

- Layout limitations, operating hours,

Cost Analysis

- Capacity expenses

- Operating expense

- Rate of Returns

We believe that understanding the client’s Core Value Chain, Design Intent and Operations is essential to every successful project.